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Why spring is the best season for builders

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Builders are at their busiest during the early spring weeks, and many customers prefer to have work undertaken during this time for many reasons. There are various reasons why a builder would be in such high demand at this time of year, which we’ll explore below.

Spring weather is ideal for construction work

With minimal rainfall and less muddy conditions, the spring season allows a builder to work in better conditions and fewer delays due to the weather. The increased sunshine also enables them to work longer hours to finish jobs sooner while maintaining high standards.

You have all spring and summer to enjoy your renovated home

If you are having an extension built, a new kitchen or bathroom fitted or even an outhouse constructed, by approaching a building company now for a quote, it’s likely they will complete the job by the spring. Contacting a builder in advance will give you the whole summer to enjoy your home’s new look.

You won’t freeze during the building work

Any significant building work such as an extension or knocking through a wall will involve open doors and drafts coming through your house that will make your central heating redundant and you cold. By arranging building work in the spring, the chances of you needing to have a hot water bottle by your side are slim, and it should be a much more pleasant experience.

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