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How to keep your loft conversion feeling toasty during the winter

Even though autumn has only officially begun, the temperature change is stark and noticeable, and, inevitably, people’s attention will now turn to how to heat their homes. With the whole country facing the prospect of insanely expensive energy costs, this article will attempt to look at ways you can keep your loft conversion moderately warm without costing a fortune in bills.

Underfloor heating

Although it can be more expensive to install, underfloor heating provides an excellent method of heating a loft conversion for several reasons. Edmond Halley proved in 1686 that heat rises, meaning underfloor heating in loft conversions, is the most practical form of heating you can install. Underfloor heating also makes getting out of bed on a cold winter’s morning far more bearable than traditional wall-mounted radiators. The feeling of warmth on your feet when you step on the floor is blissful, but you can also achieve a similar effect with underfloor heating mats. It’s hard to say whether heating mats are more cost-effective long term, but they are more affordable in the short term.

Choose a plush carpet

The influence of a luxurious carpet is twofold: firstly, it will provide additional insulation, warmth and comfort against the cold, and secondly, it will have the psychological effect of making the space seem cosier and more appealing. If you contrast the properties and appearance of the carpet against another flooring option, such as laminate or tiled, you can quickly appreciate why spending extra for a carpet is the better long-term choice.

Triple glazing

As a minimum requirement, a loft conversion should feature double glazing. Still, given the astronomical rise in energy prices, triple glazing is a good option if it’s in your budget range. Almost up to three-quarters of your home’s heat can be lost via single pane windows, so double glazing is imperative. Double or triple glazing catches and retains winter sunlight to keep your loft conversion warmer, so less gas usage is required to heat the room and money is saved on energy bills.

Heavy curtains

Now that you have double or triple glazing to capture sunlight and retain heat, you can help reduce heat loss further by installing thick, heavy curtains in front of the windows. Thermal-lined curtains are ideal for keeping warmth in a loft conversion and will help reduce the amount you pay for energy, even if it’s only a little.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters offer a cheaper way to effectively produce heat in a room when compared to traditional central heating, and they don’t cost a fortune to buy. Using an electric heater for an hour in a room should be enough to heat it to a comfortable temperature, where the thick curtains and double glazing can help keep the heat in the room for the remainder of the time spent there.

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