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Telltale signs that your brickwork requires attention


As experienced builders in Oxford, we understand that brickwork can be deceiving from a distance. Although it may look in uniformly good condition, any builder will tell you that a closer inspection can reveal damage that can lead to more severe issues if not rectified. Below we will look at the most common signs that your brickwork is in disrepair and how builders in Oxford correct the problem.

Busted bricks

The most obvious sign of damage to your brickwork is chips or breakages in the face of the brick. In some instances, a builder would perhaps advise the damage is only cosmetic. Still, an exposed brick face can allow moisture to infiltrate the home leading to dampness and compromising the wall’s structure, which might mean the bricks need cutting out.

Badly pointed brickwork

Badly pointed brickwork by a careless builder or even using the wrong type of cement can cause problems with brickwork. Unlike standard lime mortar, modern cement traps moisture within, causing the pointing to powder over time. In this instance, the wall will require repointing to avoid crumbling mortar.


Efflorescence is the white sediments that you might see on the brickwork face. It’s caused by dissolved salts rising to the surface and is primarily due to a production error of the bricks. Efflorescence won’t cause any long term issues to your wall, but if the unsightly marks are a concern, then the bricks would need replacing.


If you have any damp spots in your home, it could be due to insufficient pointing on the brickwork. If there are gaps in the brickwork, then penetrating damp can seep in, causing problems in the interior of your home. Full repointing of the bricks will quickly resolve the issue.

Contact us today if you have observed any of the above issues with your brickwork, and we will arrange a free, no-obligation quote.