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Five great ideas for loft conversions in Oxford

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Once you have checked that your loft space is suitable for conversion, your attention will turn to how best to utilise the space. Below we offer five ideas for turning your neglected attic into a habitable space.

Living room

Having the living room nestled in the loft away from the drama of the house is an ideal way to create a tranquil space that all can enjoy. Although it may not be everyone’s first thought when converting a loft space in their Oxford home, it can provide many hours of peaceful leisure with suitable decor.

Children’s bedroom

If you want to increase your space without altering the footprint of your home but only have a narrow roof, you might choose to opt for a small children’s bedroom. If there isn’t enough room for a master bedroom, being creative with the space will allow you to reconfigure other house areas.

Leave the structure exposed

Instead of installing a ceiling in your Oxford loft conversion, you might contemplate leaving the original timber of the roof structure exposed to create a rustic feel and increase the room’s spaciousness. The only drawback is maintaining roof timber is more time consuming than painting a ceiling with a roller, but the effect can be worth it.


Dormer loft conversions with a Velux window effectively provide large beams of light to illuminate a room, but if a dormer conversion isn’t possible, consider including a Juliet balcony to open up the space to the outside.


Dedicating the entire loft space to a brand new bespoke bathroom suite allows you to possess the large and luxurious bathroom you always dreamt of owning. With large loft conversions, free-standing soaking tubs, heated floors and walk-in showers are entirely possible.