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Builders in Oxford who can deliver fantastic bathroom installations

bathroom installations

With over fifteen years of experience operating as builders in Oxford, we at E Dumani Construction have delivered countless bathroom installations to many family homes, apartments and flats. The insight gained from these jobs has shown us some of the less than ideal approaches to bathroom remodelling and best practices, which we’ll share below.

Don’t dive straight in. Devise a purpose

The first step in achieving a fantastic new bathroom is, as any professional builder should know, to plan every detail methodically. Produce a sketch of your current bathroom layout and carefully assess how you want the new bathroom to function. Are the reasons for wanting a bathroom renovation due to appearance and age, or are you looking to create extra space or an open plan feel? When you’ve clarified the purpose of the bathroom, you can begin looking at the layout.

Plan the new layout

As an experienced builder, we’re used to planning layouts for construction projects, and that’s what you’ll need to do for your new bathroom. Work out where you will position the new suite. If you are moving the toilet, be mindful of the impacts, which we’ll come on to later. Using wall-hung cabinets and mounted towel racks can help create space, while a freestanding copper bath delivers a stunning finish. These are just two small examples of ideas you might consider when planning your bathroom.

Find a qualified bathroom installer

When your design is complete, you’ll need a City and Guilds Master Tradesman who can install your bathroom to the highest standard. As mentioned earlier, if you are relocating the toilet and soil stack, you will need the assistance of a professional builder who can complete such a complex task. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote for your bathroom installation.