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Affordable house extensions using an existing garage

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Even one-storey house extensions in Oxford and across the UK can set you back an eye-watering £30,000 on average, which is why some homeowners opt for double-storey extensions as they lessen the cost per square metre. However, if you are on a very tight budget, you might be looking for a more unorthodox extension method. Extensions built on garages or garage conversions are cheaper and innovative ways to increase space in your Oxford home.

Above garage extensions

If you have a garage tacked on to the side of the house, it is possible to construct a one-storey extension on top of the garage, provided that the foundations are robust enough to withstand the additional weight. Although you would need to obtain planning permission for these types of extensions, it not only offers an innovative and cost-effective solution to increasing space in your home, but it also won’t eat into any of your valuable outdoor space.

Garage conversion

If your garage space is a dumping ground for miscellaneous items and is seldom used, converting it into a comfortable living space is an affordable method to create more space. Garage conversions also benefit from not requiring planning permission so long as there is no enlargement to the size of the building.

If your house in Oxford has a garage that you aren’t getting the full use out of, but you need more space for a growing family or working from home, contact E Dumani Construction for advice and a free quote for any extension, loft conversion or building work.