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How builders adapt to winter working conditions in Oxford

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The weather in the UK is famous for its unpredictable nature whatever the season, which can make life problematic for builders in Oxford. Inclement weather can cause construction projects to progress at a slower pace, but there are measures builders can implement to ensure successful construction projects in the winter months.

Keep a thermometer on site

With exterior brickwork, it’s vital during any cold snaps that you only work with cement above a specific temperature, typically around four to five degrees Celsius. If you attempt to work with cement at lower temperatures, there’s a high possibility of the mortar joints failing and breaking apart. Keeping a thermometer on site will enable you to check when you can start laying bricks and when to stop. Builders also use hessian and polythene sheets to protect the brickwork against the elements during the winter months.

Dark winter nights

Shorter days only pose a problem in that it forces builders in Oxford to finish earlier. One way around the issue is to use artificial floodlights to illuminate the site so work can continue safely and unhindered.

Are you nervous about muddy boots inside your property?

If you choose to have exterior work done in the winter, E Dumani Construction guarantees we take every precaution to keep your house spotless. Our team of highly experienced and conscientious builders do their utmost to keep everything organised and tidy. If you have any building work, renovations, home extensions or loft conversion needs in Oxford, no matter how big or small, get in touch with our friendly sales team.