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The advantages of a loft conversion

Loft Conversions Oxford

If you have begun to outgrow your home, then there is a good chance that you have either considered moving to another property in Oxford, or extending your existing home. Before you decide to plunge for either option, consider whether a loft conversion could be the answer to your problems.

Loft conversions are cost-effective

Generally speaking, a loft conversion will work out less expensive than employing a builder to design and construct a house extension. The rules of permitted development rights cover most loft conversions, which allows you to convert so long as you don’t take the roof space beyond its original size. Eliminating the need for planning permission makes the process of a loft conversion cheaper, quicker and less stressful.

Loft conversions have multiple uses

The type of loft conversion you choose is determined mainly by the design of the house, but how you use the extra space is entirely free for you to decide. If you work from home as so many of us do now, you might use a simple Velux conversion as a home office away from the cacophony of family life. Likewise, you could create a games room using a dormer conversion for the kids to play in. However you decided to utilise the extra space, there’s no doubt loft conversions offer great versatility for homeowners in Oxford.

It allows you to stay in your home

Although house extensions provide the same benefit, a loft conversion allows you to remain in your home and rooted in your community without altering the exterior appearance of the property. It removes the unnecessary stress of moving, increases the value of your home, and if you use an expert builder like E Dumani Construction Limited, delivers a stunning finish second to none.