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Why extensions can be the solution to moving

Kitchen extensions in Oxford

If you are still in your first home, or perhaps your second, moving house is always a tricky affair, even when an epidemic isn’t in progress. However, a house extension does provide another option to all the strife and anxiety associated with moving. By employing an Oxford builder to construct a beautiful extension, you boost the local economy and bring a wealth of benefits to yourself in the process.

An extension is your design

Whenever you enter the market to move up the housing ladder, it’s almost impossible to find a property that completely suits your needs and desires. Whether buying a new build or something lived in, there is always likely to be one niggling feature that will eat away at you until you change it. An extension to your existing home allows you to work with a builder to design something that can transform your home into something you love, but still works for you by giving you the required space.

Your house price

It’s a safe assumption to make that any home improvements will increase the value of a home, so long as a competent builder performs them. Estimates vary as to how much it can add, and it will ultimately depend on the scale of work done – a two-storey expansion will likely increase the price more than an extra bedroom and ensuite, for instance.

Moving in Oxford can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive

With moving, it isn’t solely the process of finding the right home to move to; you have to hope someone is willing to buy your home at the right price and that the chain doesn’t have a weak link. Then there are considerations like finding the appropriate school for children, practical commuter routes to work and of course, an excellent local pub. Using a reputable and high-quality Oxford building firm like E Dumani Construction Limited to build an extension allows you to stay in the home and community you love.