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Where should you begin with home renovations?

If you’ve concluded that you want to renovate your house and decided on a budget, then the next major decision you need to reach is where you’re going to start. If you are buying a home to flip, the starting point for home renovation doesn’t hold the same concern for homeowners renovating their existing property. If you will be living on the property while the renovation occurs around you, it’s essential to plan the renovation, so it causes the least amount of disruption.

Evaluate the condition of the property

With home renovation, a good first step is to employ a professional builder with the experience and knowledge to inspect every inch of the property to assess the condition. They will be able to check for any dampness in the loft space, check the basement for any leaks or drafts, and maybe even check the plumbing. It’s worth hiring an electrician to evaluate the state of the electrics and a roofer to inspect all your tiles and roof ridges and ensure they are in good condition. Once a total evaluation has been done, it will give you your starting point.

Central heating

If you discover inefficiencies or issues with your plumbing and central heating system, this is probably the place to begin. Upgrading a central heating system can be messy work, so logic dictates that you should get the complex and dirty jobs out of the way before tackling other renovation projects. Providing a more energy-efficient home is a primary concern in the current energy crisis, so this should be top of your list.

Bathroom and plumbing

With any home renovation project that focuses on the bathroom, you might need to consider upgrading your plumbing to manage the increase in water pressure and usage. It also affords you the perfect moment to fix any problematic leaks so you can use water more efficiently and affordably. If you want to renovate to sell a property, then the flooring, fixtures and ventilation will need to be flawless to pass a building inspection.

Double glazing

If a property only has single glazed windows and doors, it loses a considerable amount of warmth through heat transference. In this instance, installing double or even triple-glazed windows and doors will prevent drafts, keep heat in and help your central heating stretch further to try and keep your energy costs down. Although the initial outlay for double-glazing windows and doors is expensive, the money you will save in energy bills and the increase in value it will give your home make them cost-effective over time.

Quick renovation wins

Not every renovation has to be a sizable project. You can make many changes to a property that will give it an uplift without costing a fortune or causing a lot of disruption. Try decorating the interior or exterior of the property, landscaping a garden area or having a new kitchen or bathroom installation to revitalise your home. Smaller renovation projects such as these can significantly affect how you and others perceive your home and add value.

Whether renovating a property for a quick profit or making your home more comfortable and efficient, you will need a trusted builder. Contact E Dumani today for a free, no-obligation quote for any renovation project.