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What to Expect From a Professional Builders Firm

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If you have never employed a builder for any construction work, you might not be aware of what to expect in terms of service. In this article, we will explain what a customer should expect from professional builders in Oxford. We will also look at what makes E Dumani Construction Limited such a smart choice.

What valued customers expect from experienced builders in Oxford

Above any other values, a builder should be reliable, honest and trustworthy. If they make an appointment to quote for a job, they should always arrive promptly. When meeting a customer for the first time, they should remain respectful and friendly. Any deviation from these core principles should be an immediate red flag. As a customer, you can excuse slight lateness if there is a good reason. Still, it should always make you consider how dependable they will be if you choose to employ them.

People with experience of hiring builders in Oxford will understand the importance of tendering. Instead of opting for the first quote they receive, they will obtain multiple quotes, and often price may not be the swaying factor. A realistically priced quotation that demonstrates all of the costs will prove more convincing than a cheap one. An itemised list of the materials required for the job will show a customer that a builder has the relevant experience and knowledge to perform a competent job.

When a customer agrees to hire a builder, the communication should remain consistent, and the commencement date confirmed. When the work is complete, any home or business owner will expect their property to be left in a tidy state. They will also assume the builder will walk them around their handy work, to ensure complete satisfaction.

What makes E Dumani Construction a reliable choice in Oxford?

Our driving force for all of the construction work we undertake is the customer. We focus entirely on the needs of our clients’ no matter how small or large the project. We strive to bring their visions to fruition through hard work, skill and dedication.

We always supply fully-itemised quotes and pride ourselves on delivering affordable building work. Whenever a customer hires us to do a job, we maintain excellent communication, always arriving on-time and working to the best of our ability. The key to our approach is to try to exceed the customer’s expectations at all stages.

Our team comprises of thoroughly trained and qualified builders, who are highly skilled and experienced. We approach every job with the same meticulous preparation to ensure a quality finish without fail.

What building services do we provide in Oxford?

We provide new build construction for all types of building, including extensions, loft conversions and domestic and commercial renovations. Our skilled team includes seasoned plumbers which allow us to offer a thorough package. We also provide services for erecting or renewing structures such as garages. All of our new build developments carry a lifetime guarantee should you ever encounter any issues. In terms of planning permission and building regulations, we are well practised in dealing with local building authorities. We can assist you with any applications and leave you safe with the understanding that your loft conversion, extension or kitchen renovation will be up to code.

In addition to new build projects, we can also provide roof work and repair. We can repoint roofs, install chimneys and replace flat roofs to guarantee they remain waterproof.

A reputation for well earned

For over fifteen years, we have delivered outstanding building services for the people of Oxford and beyond. In this time, as well as increasing our knowledge and honing our skills, we have established a local reputation as trusted builders. Our accreditation as fully certified City and Guild Master Tradesmen enhances our standing further. We are also approved builders on the website My Builder, which only accepts the very best companies within the local construction trade.

We hold a £5million public liability in the event of any accidents, however unlikely that may be. We make all efforts to work as safely as we possibly can and eliminate all apparent dangers.

If you have any requirement for building work in Oxford and would like to speak to a knowledgeable and capable team, contact us over the phone or via our website.