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Ways to light your loft conversion

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If you’re contemplating having a loft conversion built, you’ll need to consider your lighting options. Even at the initial planning stage, understanding how you will utilise the space will inform how you light it. When the Oxford evenings are drawing in, dormer and Velux windows will lose their ability to illuminate any loft conversions. Instead, you will have to rely on the lighting you use to create a unique atmosphere. Below are some ideas on the best types of lighting for loft conversions in Oxford.

Halogen lights

If your house suffers from a lack of direct sunlight, then halogen lights are a superb way to light up what could be a cheerless loft space. Halogen lights are exceedingly bright and are the closest artificial lights get to daylight. They can instantly transform a room with dazzling brightness and make them appear more spacious than they are.

Low-energy lights

Low-energy lights are ideal for those who are concerned about the effect their actions have on the environment, and their bank account. These lights can help you reduce your energy bills but with the minor inconvenience of having to wait longer for the bulbs to reach full brightness.

Dimmer switches

Dimmer switches allow for fantastic versatility in terms of lighting and enable you to adjust the brightness to suit the mood or occasion. If you choose to have a dimmer switch, think carefully about where to locate the switch. If the loft conversion becomes a bedroom, consider having the switch by the bed. Having wall fitted lights that you can adjust is also an effective way to create the appropriate setting.

If you are considering loft conversions as a means of creating more space in your home, and you live in Oxford, give our friendly team a call.