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Three important considerations for house extensions in Oxford

House Extesions

Any reputable builder will advise a customer desiring a house extension to examine three critical points, the design, the access and the site services. Before forging ahead with plans, you must consider these three factors to provide the best path forward. Below we will discuss how best to turn your vision into a concrete reality.

Your vision

Long before you contact a builder in Oxford, you will already have a firm idea of how you want your extension to look and feel. The house’s architecture will determine some extensions, but you can explore many possibilities where you have enough free land. When designing your extension, you can opt to use a builder or contact an architect in Oxford to draw up the designs for you to submit to the builder and relevant planning authorities. By having a concrete plan in hand, you can use this to tender for the work and make a well-informed decision about who you hire.

Access to the site

Before you get to the construction stage, you will need to have evaluated how straightforward it will be for lorries delivering materials and labourers to access the site to complete the work. It will help you save time and money later if you mitigate any access issues at the start.

Reassess your houses utility services

Prior to embarking on designing an extension to your Oxford home, ensure that the existing electrics, plumbing and central heating will be capable of taking on any additional load. Once you have considered these three crucial factors, you should be ready to contact a builder. E Dumani Construction can deliver on all extension types, big or small, with quality work and competitive prices.