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The process behind successfully hiring a builder in Oxford

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Some people find the prospect of selecting a builder daunting due to a perceived lack of knowledge when it comes to construction work. This article outlines the decisive points that help locate a reputable and skilled builder in Oxford.

Speak to family and friends

Despite the rise of online marketing, word of mouth still represents one of the essential marketing commodities a builder can earn. A recommendation from a friend or family member will often carry more weight than other promotional tools.

Request examples of previous work

When you first contact a builder in Oxford, feel free to request images of their work. Ideally, there will be examples on their website, but if not, see if they have a portfolio in their showroom, or better still, see if you can visit any of the properties where their work is visible.

Gather multiple quotes

There are two main rules when tendering for construction work: ensure the tender accounts for all aspects of the job and obtain at least three quotes. It can be tempting to opt for the cheapest option, although this doesn’t always prove the case in many instances if shoddy work is the result. Having multiple quotes will allow you to get a feel for a range of builders, better equipping you to make a sound decision.

Create a contract

When you are happy you have found your builder, get a contract drawn up that will specify all of the work undertook to warrant against any ambiguity and allow you to hold the builder to account should any problems materialise.