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How to storm-proof your Oxford home

Storm proof Oxford

During February of 2020, Mother Nature has again reminded us all of its power with storms, Ciara and Dennis. Areas in Oxford have experienced severe flooding and winds. Although we can’t stop these events, there are some preventative steps you can take to storm-proofing your home.

Clean the gutters

During periods of prolonged or heavy rain, gutters can quickly become overwhelmed if the channel is not clear. Overflowing water from a drain can soften brickwork, stain paving slabs and cause structural problems. During a pleasant Oxford summer, it’s a smart idea to employ a builder to survey your downpipes and guttering to ensure it is free of leaves and debris.

Survey the roof and brickwork

Loose roof tiles, ridges or chimney breasts can become dangerous projectiles during extreme weather events. A builder will be able to assess the state of the roof and carry out any minor repairs to prevent more significant destruction and keep your roof in good condition.

Prune your trees

Although not a builder’s task, we would advise that any loose or suspect tree branches are cut back, preferably by a tree surgeon. During a stormy Oxford night, a branch launched at high-velocity can cause damage to windows, doors, roofs and even chimneys, so it’s best to remove them.

Clear the decks

In the lead up to a storm, make sure that everything around your property is firmly secured or locked away, including gates and fence posts and panels. Garden furniture can also become a dangerous missile in gusty conditions so ensure these are secured. By taking these simple measures, you will reduce the probabilities of needing a builder’s service after a storm event.