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How to Heat Loft Conversions


Are you in the process of planning a loft conversion for your home in Oxford? Or had one recently installed and still seeking inspiration on how to heat the space sufficiently? The harsh winter weather exacerbates the chilly bite of drafts, so here are a few approaches to making loft conversions snug and cosy.

Roof Insulation

Whether you have a converted loft space or not, using a high insulating material can drastically reduce heat loss. It also has a considerable lifespan of up to forty years. Not only will it keep loft conversions warm, but it also saves money on unnecessary use of the central heating.

Underfloor heating

Loft conversions in Oxford with the most effective loft insulation will retain heat. Creating warmth that permeates the whole room is what makes underfloor heating an exceptionally efficient solution. It is relatively cheap to install and can provide welcoming warmth to bare feet on chilly mornings. Alternatively, if your conversion is complete, then underfloor heating mats can almost recreate the effect of heating.


Although traditional radiators can still provide plentiful amounts of heat for loft conversions in Oxford, their use can lead to cold spots within what is a large area. Meaning you can be paying good money for heating that doesn’t necessarily heat the whole loft.

Carpet the floor

In addition to any of the above approaches, carpeting the loft can have a transformative effect on the space. It can help retain the heat produced by other methods, and psychologically have a warming impact on the room. In a dormer conversion, thick ceiling to floor curtains will also prevent heat escaping.

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