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Creating flowing natural light in home extensions

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The UK sees an average of just less than 1500 hours of sunshine a year, and in contrast, Oxford sees slightly more with 1650 hours. Therefore, if you are planning home extensions in the sunny city of dreaming spires, you may want to consider how you maximise the natural light that flows through the extension. We have vast experience in helping customers in Oxford plan and execute home extensions. In this article, we will run through some of the methods that create cathedrals of light.

Create a light and airy feel with glazing

Whether you are constructing a single or two-storey home extension, having enough light is vital to creating a relaxing ambience. Deploying large panes of patterned or frosted glass can generate the natural light we all crave while maintaining the privacy you need. Tinted or coated glazing will also allow for light to penetrate the room while making it impossible for anyone to see inside.

Velux windows

Installing a Velux window to either a pitched or flat roof can create a stately feel to your home extension. They allow light to enter the property throughout the day, no matter which way the room is facing. As they are installed on the roof, privacy is rarely an issue with this type of opening.

Consider south-facing rooms

When planning an extension in Oxford, it’s crucial to understand how to utilise the sun best. South-facing rooms will attract the most sunlight. So if you desire a place that can deliver sunny afternoons, be sure to position your living area as south-facing to capture as much natural light as possible.