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Benefits of a House Extension


Deciding whether to move or extend the family home is a significant life decision that demands sincere consideration. Either outcome requires a good deal of money, time and planning. For over 15 years, E Dumani Construction Limited has built extensions for homes in Oxford. This article intends to help make that decision more straightforward by presenting some of the benefits of home extensions.

It’s simpler than moving house in Oxford

Finding the right property at a price you can afford in Oxford isn’t so easy. It can take time and potentially leave you with something unfulfilling. Adding an extension and being able to stay in your community can be a hugely positive move for your family. Not having to find new doctors surgery and schools can be a great relief.

You can increase the value of your home

As long as the extension is well built and expertly decorated, it should increase the value of your home. Two-storey extensions tend to yield more value for money as you are only paying for the extra materials and labour. In this respect, extensions are an attractive proposition for both homeowners and developers.

Design your extension to suit your needs

Even if you opt to move instead of extending your home, you might still need to make changes to a new property. By increasing your current home, you can adapt the extra space specific to your needs. This way, you manage to stay in a home you love in a way that serves you.

If you want to extend your family home in Oxford, contact us for a free quote. E Dumani Construction provides reliable service and delivers outstanding work on domestic extension projects.