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Assessing storm damage to your property

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The two recent storms of 2020 that pounded the UK and Oxford resulted in widespread flooding and damage to property. Intense and persistent wind and rain can damage buildings, so it’s useful to be able to identify any areas where a builder may need to make repairs. In some cases, even slight damage can lead to long-term problems that require the expertise of a builders’ merchant. Below we will look at how you would approach assessing any damage to your property.

Water damage

Water is the most common cause of damage to property during a storm. The recent flooding in Oxford is an example of this, but even without extreme flooding, water can present significant problems. Damaged guttering can leak rainwater that harms brickwork, can cause water to pool around the foundations and produce dampness in any basement. Inside the house, any experienced builder would advise you to check the window and door frames to ensure they are still watertight. With water damage, time is of the essence. Any hesitation in fixing the problem can lead to structural concerns.

Wind damage

Wind gusts of just 40-50mph are capable of inflicting havoc on roofs, garages and any external feature of your home. After a storm has blown itself out and it’s safe to do so, inspect your roof for any missing tiles, broken ridges or roof edges. It’s essential to act quickly to get your roof repaired to prevent the risk of further damage. Flying debris like tree branches can strike buildings during a storm, which means a check of all windows and doors is vital.
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